Christmas Decorating Ideas For The Office

    christmas decorating

  • (Christmas decoration) A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red.


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christmas decorating ideas for the office

Baking Contest

Baking Contest
Brian’s office at Georgetown University thanks its student volunteers with a holiday party each year. Someone dreamed up the idea of having a baking contest for this year. Each participant had to come up with a dessert that both looked beautiful and tasted divine. Brian talked so much smack about winning that he stressed for days about what to make. Today, at the last minute, we came up with something we think everyone will like.

I have a fabulous recipe for Fruity Brownie Pizza. You bake a brownie in a pizza pan, resulting in a thin brownie. You then spread cream cheese frosting over it and decorate with fruit. It’s unbelievably amazing. We modified the recipe for the holiday, and came up with what you see here. Tomorrow, we’ll know whether it won the contest or not!

UPDATE: He took 1st in presentation, 3rd in taste, and 1st overall! Woo-hoo! 🙂

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
I had the idea for this while waiting to pick up a parcel at the post office.

There’s a big fir tree at the bottom of our garden. I really wanted to cover it with massive baubles, but it’s not our tree (would that be guerrilla decorating?)

So, this is next best – it’s taken through the window, with the lights from our Christmas tree reflecting in the glass.